Lefty Loosey:  This world is so unfair!  Trump didn’t win the popular vote, he should be impeached right now!

Righty Tighty:  Look, you libtards helped setup the electoral vote system, it’s the fairest way to include all states, especially those with lower populations.  Not only that, but you should really wait till after the votes are counted to really start claiming that Hillary had more of the popular vote.

Lefty Loosey:  NO!  We’re going to take to the streets and damage our communities which voted for Hillary!  WE WILL BE HEARD, MARK MY WORDS!   THERE WILL BE CASUALTIES ON BOTH SIDES, BLOOD WILL FLOW IN THE STREETS!

Righty Tighty:  I hate to rain on your parade Lefty, but according to this Article, Trump has won both the electoral and popular votes.  What’s going to be your excuse now?

Lefty Loosey:  LIES!!!  THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!  THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS TRUE, I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!  BLOOD WILL FLOW!  I need to log back onto Moveon.org and see what to do…  OMG, where is John Oliver when you need him…  or Seth Myers…  I’m about to trigger…

Righty Tighty:  Should I call your campus counselor to send an emergency emotional support dog?


Righty Tighty:  Ok, I’ll just be on my way…