Lefty Loosey:  Why do people have to talk shit about Paul Ryan?  I mean, he’s such an amazing Democrat and was loyal to Hillary till the end.

Righty Tighty:  Ahem, he’s actually a Republican and was a turncoat “Douche” who tried his hardest to ruin the republican party and now has his white privileged lips all up President Elect Trump’s orange ass…

Lefty Loosey:  Whaaa?  Are you serious?  Well Trump seems to be getting along with him now, I just saw them at Obama’s house. Well I think he’s cute and should run as the Democrat candidate in 2020!

Righty Tighty:  OMG, I believe I’m triggered…

Lefty Loosey:  Need me to call the campus police to bring the emotional support dog?

Righty Tighty:  Yes hurry!  And a mobile safe space…   quickly