Righty Tighty:  As the Democrats struggle to make sense of reality, blame is rampant, according to Daily Mail UK (Link), Dirty Harry has set his sights on James Comey, saying, well Comey, feel lucky punk.  To which Comey replied, luckier than Clinton, that’s for sure.

Lefty Loosey:  Dirty Harry’s right, fuck Comey, he cost Hillary the election hands down.

Righty Tighty:  It’s so funny that you all thought Comey was Jesus a couple months earlier, then, he’s now the Devil…  It’s more like a series of unfortunate events, which if you really want to blame anyone it should be Clinton herself for having an illegal server, Huma Abedin for having a pedo-husband, and Anthony Weiner for having a Jared Fogul server full of State Secrets and underage messages, lol.

Lefty Loosey:  Nope, Comey is all to blame.

Righty Tighty:  (*Facepalm)

Lefty Loosey:  I’m gonna make some signs and get on Moveon.org and protest Comey again, fuck him and Trump.

Righty Tighty:  …  Well, I’m gonna watch some Clint Eastwood movies, see ya.