Righty Tighty:  So Lefty, I was reading this article on ABC (Link), even though ABC is a “fake news” site they still have some interesting stories…  It makes an interesting point that Obama deported 2,500,000 illegals between 2009 and 2015.  So with my limited math skills take 365days/year times 6 years = 2,190 days, then divide 2,500,000 by 2,190 to see how many illegals per day were deported. That’s 1,141.5 so there must be atleast one shorty in that figure too.

Lefty Loosey:  Wait wait, holdup.  You’re saying that Obama deported 1,141.5 people a day?

Righty Tighty:  Yea, that’s an insane amount of people, and with cities refusing to tell ICE who is illegal how do they catch them?

Lefty Loosey:  That’s a good point.  So with cities and police not reporting to ICE they are still able to catch and deport 1,141.5 people a day.  *Cough(bullshit)

Righty Tighty:  I have to agree Lefty, something smells fishy and where there is the smell of fish…

Lefty Loosey:  There is a sushi restaurant?

Righty Tighty:  Right you are Lefty…  So how do Sushi restaurants play into all this?

Lefty Loosey:  Illegals like to eat raw seafood?

Righty Tighty: Right you are again Lefty!  That must be how they are catching all these illegals, the sushi restaurants are in cahoots with ICE.

Lefty Loosey:  Holy shit!  We just cracked the Davinci Code!

Righty Tighty:  Yes we did Lefty, we also have to thank Vanilla ICE, without him we never would have solved this one.

Vanilla ICE:  *thinking(WTF is going on)