Righty Tighty:  Nurse Lefty, get me 50 cc’s of hip hop Stat!  So, I’ve been watching that Kanye thinks he’s Doogie Howser now (Link).

Lefty Loosey:  You’re such a tool Righty, he’s hospitalized from overworking himself…

Righty Tighty:  Oh, you mean like Hillary was…

Lefty Loosey:  No!  I mean I guess so, maybe he’s super busy like she was.

Righty Tighty:  Or maybe he’s just “low energy” like she was.

Lefty Loosey:  Oh snap!

Righty Tighty:  Crackle and Pop 😛

Lefty Loosey:  Seriously fuck you, Kanye’s talented, popular, and he’s married to an amazing woman who’s very successful.

Righty Tighty:  And very fucking hot.

Lefty Loosey:  Yes she’s attractive.

Righty Tighty:  No I don’t mean that, I mean she’s hot as in body temperature, might have a fever that’s why doctor “Doogie West” is performing surgery on her as we speak.

Lefty Loosey:  …

Righty Tighty:  What you never played doctor as a kid?

Lefty Loosey:  Of course I did but they aren’t kids…

Righty Tighty:  Apparently no one told them that…  Don’t ruin it.

Lefty Loosey:  How about we just send some emotional support dogs out to their safe space hospital.

Righty Tighty: Right you are Lefty, good thinking.