Righty Tighty:  So Lefty, Marky Mark Zuckerberg is up to his new funky tricks peddling censorship to China since he’s perfected it in America… (Link)

Lefty Loosey:  Well it is written by the New York Funky Times and they are on the “approved” list of truthful non “fake” news so it must be true.  Only it’s a day late and a dollar short, Donnie.  Where was the censorship when the fake Hillary news was coming out.

Righty Tighty:  Look Funky Lefty, that news coming out wasn’t fake and the FBI is still investigating her.

Lefty Loosey:  Doesn’t matter, Funky Trump already reneged on that promise of prosecuting Hillary, so I’m not worried.

Righty Tighty:  Yea looks that way.

Lefty Loosey:  So Fakebook has censored 55,000+ different types of content in 20 countries within 6 months.

Righty Tighty:  Shadow banned them probably, it shows you posted it but noone else sees it, nice and sneaky shit.

Lefty Loosey:  I think my phone company shadow bans my weed dealer so I don’t see the newest menu.

Righty Tighty:  They totally do, make you get it from the government run stores.

Lefty Loosey:  Atleast we can smoke weed fuck China…

Righty Tighty:  Lol, I bet your weed pipe/bong was made in China…  They probably love weed.

Lefty Loosey:  They hate golf though.

Righty Tighty: But they love chicken feet. What were we even talking about?

Lefty Loosey: I don’t remember I’m pretty stoned…